Special Events

HENDRA T.H.S. 2013



What a wonderful rally at Hendra again this year. The weather was very kind to us. The first week the sun shone, allowing us to Play Your Cards Right the first Tuesday evening. Will played the cards for us, and I won the first game, ( No fiddling, honestly !!). We had three games until the evening light beat us. On Wednesday evening was Bingo. Noel was the caller for this. Enjoyed by all. On Friday we had a bring your own coffee/tea evening. The DA offered biscuits whilst our big Raffle was drawn. The first claim was by Frank who took the 1litre bottle of Whiskey, not sure who had the second one. We would like to thank all that supported and donated to the raffle. On the second Tuesday & Wednesday we played Play Your Cards Right & Bingo. The only day we had heavy rain was the last Friday, but Saturday woke to sunshine allowing everyone to take down their awnings dry. Members also started to make their way home. Sunday was sunny & everyone was off the site by 11am. It was lovely to meet up with many members who have returned, and to welcome many more from far & wide.

Many Thanks to you all for making this a great rally.

Bubs and Will, Noel and Janette