Special Events




The ones arriving on the first Friday were greeted by a beautiful sunny day, a lovely green field and a wonderful display of Rhododendrons in full flower.  Then from Saturday onwards we had some quite inclement weather with some respite on the Monday for our Diamond Jubilee street party being enjoyed by all.  During  the rest of the 9 day break most managed to go out on  jaunts and really enjoyed themselves, then the 2nd Friday was really wet which carried on through Saturday causing some to up sticks and go home instead of moving on to other meets, but for the 20 units that braved it out were rewarded with a lovely Sunday morning to slowly pack up and to go on their own sweet way.
After such a wet 9 days most said they had enjoyed it and looked forward to seeing us again next year.
Some of the campers were thankful for our stewards Glyn & Neil who did a sterling job in towing on their units where needed.




Thank you   All  for pics