Special Events




People started arriving around noon on Friday and by evening we  had 14 vans.  On one side of the field there was a Blue Grass group who sort of entertained us over the 2 days.  On the Friday evening a few of us went to the pub for a quiet drink but it was filled to overflowing with the Blue Grass people playing(I have never seen so many musical instruments playing together) which all became too loud and we were glad to go back to our vans.  Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with some sitting around and putting the world to rights when this was done folks went off  to different parts shopping  etc.  At Sunday’s coffee morning Noel thanked all for coming,  Charlie and Gladys for stewarding .  There wasn’t much chit chat as it was a very cold morning and folks were glad to get back to their warm vans

 Thank You Alan for Report



Thank you   Alan for pics