Special Events

St ASAPH 2011  


On Thursday  Mel & Brian were the first to arrive on site when they arrived   they  noticed that the field  to be used had been sprayed with lime, and could not be used, Alan went to meet the farmer who provided us with a new field with a better view of the welsh hills. By lunchtime members started to arrive on site.

 At the event 28 units attended each caravan was decorated with flags and banners, all the caravanners spent the morning watching the Royal Wedding.

My thanks to Paul, Neil & Ronnie for their help in putting up the 2 gazebos which also had flags and photos of the royal couple, there was also a table display, with napkins, union jack beakers, plates/napkins with prints of the royal couple.

After the wedding all the caravanners attended a reception where everybody toasted the happy couple, and tucked in the fabulous food which everybody contributed to in the form of a Jacobs Table.

In the evening the entertainment was Bingo and chatter all washed down with plenty of drink

Saturday we had to take the gazebo down due to high winds, my thanks to all who helped in getting the gazebo down, which spoilt the evenings entertainment.

On the Sunday morning a coffee morning was held and enjoyed by everybody, the afternoon was spent playing games, and a raffle was held.

The meet closed Monday, and everybody was wished a safe journey home.

Many thanks from Glyn & Betty.


Thank you  Bubs & Mel for pictures