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 After a wet and windy start mixed with some sunshine, the weather improved to dry and sunny for most of the meet.  By the end of the first day we had over seventy units on the field and by the end of the week we had had over one hundred and thirty units visiting us.  The site is mostly flat with very good drainage and the most beautiful views in every direction you look.  Most people took advantage of the tow path to walk into LLangollen and in the opposite direction to visit the Aquaduct, but you need a good head for heights to actually walk across the Aquaduct. The other places visited were Horseshoe Pass, Horseshoe Falls and the Llangollen Steam Railway and there's lots of scenic walks in the area. We were also visited by several different ice-cream vans and on Wednesday teatime we had a fish and chip van but some were disappointed as the demand for fish was  such that he soon sold out. At the end of the week we had a lot of comments on how much they had enjoyed it and were looking forward to next year.
Thank you Sue for report


Thank you  Sue for pics