Special Events




There were 18 units out in total and this year we were able to use the large field nearer the private road. We pitched at the far side of the field to avoid any golf balls from the adjacent golf course. On the Saturday night many members met up in the ‘marquee’ which was cleverly assembled by volunteers, using Glyn and Betty’s caravan, two awnings and a gazebo. Several games of Bingo and ‘Play your cards right’ were played and Glyn gave us a quick quiz. Thanks to all who made this a very enjoyable evening.

Coffee morning on the Sunday saw the raffle drawn, with a good selection of prizes. Over the weekend, some members went to the Tweedmill outlet, others went walking in the local area or visited neighbouring towns eg Llandudno and the Victorian Extravaganza. The village hall in nearby Cefn was visited by members who were given cup cakes (there had been a wedding the day before and there was a surplus of cakes yum yum) Will and Bubs also viewed the hall as a possible venue for the future. The rain which was promised for Sunday evening and all day Monday did not arrive until late Monday morning so everyone time to pack up in the dry before leaving for home.


 Thank You Mel & Brian for Report



Thank you   Mel & Glyn for pics